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30% Active Silicone Based Defoamer

30% Active Silicone Based Defoamer

Additive 4122-S :
30% Active Silicone Based Defoamer is Active & Effective defoamer that is processed using activated silicon oil with blend of proprietary surfactants in aromatic hydrocarbon. The defoamer is used for stopping the foam formation while working and also stops the regeneration of foam in the system. The additive is APEO free.

Application Procedure :

Applications :

Additional Information:

Mineral Oil Based Defoamer 100%

Mineral Oil Based Defoamer 100%

Additive 5118 is Silicon Free defoamer. It is 100% active Liquid Defoamer based on Mineral Oil. It is ideally suitable for Chemical Process of mild Acidic to high alkalinity. In addition to destroying foam, Additive 5118 also controls the re-foaming tendency of the surfactants incorporated in the system.

Application & Dose Level:

Other Applications:

Textile Processing, Pigment & Dyes, Pigment Emulsion, Paper Pulp Processing & Finishing, Water Treatment

Eco Defoamer

Eco Defoamer

Add-Eco 5514 P & P – a defoamer is useful in Kraft pulp stock, sulphite stock, screen room, bleach plant area and the like. “Add-Eco 5514 P& P” is highly Active & Effective Defoamer. It is an emulsion of Silicone Oil with a blend of proprietary surfactants. The silicone oil is found to enhance quick "knock-down" of foam, particularly in high-temperature applications. It not only bursts the Foam but controls re-generation of Foam.

It may be injected directly into a line feeding the washer showers, suitably the first or second stage showers. If added to the second stage showers, a major portion of the defoamer will be carried by the second stage filtrate to the first stage showers to control foaming of the hot, relatively concentrated black liquor in the first stage washer. The remaining defoamer will be carried to the pulp subsequent washing and screening stages and will remain effective to the preventthe formation of excessive foam in the later stages.

Additive 5523

Additive 5523

Add-Eco 5523 is Low Solids – Good Efficiency Economy Defoamer. It is an emulsion of Activated Silicone Oil with blend of proprietary surfactants.

Dose Level:
0.3 to 1.0% is sufficient to burst the Foam. However, final dose level will vary depending upon type & quantity of Foaming Surfactant present in the system. It is suggested to determine Final Dose Level by conducting Trials.

Applications :
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